Long Gardening Gloves for Women

Gardening can be a dirty business indeed. In addition to digging around in dirt and getting all that black soil underneath your fingernails, you are also exposed to rocks, thorns, spiders, lizards, skinks, other bugs, and ugh!! snakes. Whoa – I don’t want to stop you from gardening. I just want you to use gloves when you are out digging in the dirt. Long gardening gloves for women are even better at protecting you from all that wildlife out there. Not only that, they will also protect you from damaging UV rays.

So, before you go out the door, get into the habit of grabbing a protective pair of gloves – and if possible, grab those long gardening gloves. There are many options out there, so take a look at what will help you in your gardening tasks.

Benefits of long gardening gloves

Long gardening gloves protect your hands from getting dirty and scratched, but they also protect your arms from the same. The longer the gloves, the more skin area they will protect. There are some other benefits to consider as well. The gloves also:

  1. prevent cuts. Cuts are easy to get when gardening as you are handling sharp tools in digging and cutting. But, you can get cuts as you grab and pull weeds or grass. Gloves stop all these little cuts on your hands.
  2. protect cuts from dirt and germs If you failed to wear gloves earlier or you cut yourself in the kitchen, you definitely want to wear gloves to protect your skin. Believe me, it is not fun to scrub dirt out of a cut already on your hands. And a bandage simply won’t work to block dirt and germs.
  3. protect from animal waste. Um – no other comments needed here.
  4. help you to keep your nails beautiful and polish intact. I admit – I am not a beautiful nails person, but I absolutely do not like walking around with dirty nails. Gloves stop this from happening.
  5. protect your hands and arms from bricks, rocks, wood and glass. The people who lived at my property before I bought it apparently did not believe in putting trash out to be carried away. Instead, they apparently liked to throw empty bottles and light bulbs out into the yard – where they often broke. I cannot tell you how many times gloves have saved my hands from a nasty slice or puncture as I was digging in the dirt.
  6. protect your hands and arms from pesticides and herbicides. I don’t like to use any chemicals in my garden, but if you do, you want to protect your skin from contact with any pesticides and/or herbicides.
  7. protect from inadvertent run-ins with spiders and snakes. I don’t like to kill any wildlife (except fire ants!) but I also don’t like to accidentally pick up a snake when I think I am grabbing an earthworm. Yes, that has happened. Also, some spiders like to nest and lay their eggs in dirt and mulch. I also don’t especially like to grab them with bare hands. Gloves help with either of these situations.
  8. protect your hands and arms from splinters and thorns. Those are not fun and anything that can protect your skin from splinters and thorns is important.

Long gardening gloves for women are a great tool to use in your garden to protect yourself from any gardening hazards that are out there.

Goatskin durable for protection

Genuine goatskin leather will provide the ultimate protection from sharp thorns and stickers without sacrificing dexterity. Goatskin is soft and durable so you will be able to easily work in the garden. In addition to protecting you from rose thorns, they can also help you in handling cactus, keeping you safe from berry thorns and all prickly bushes, avoiding thorns when picking citrus and protecting you from poison ivy. The gauntlets of goatskins gloves are often made of cowhide and if made from 100% leather will be more breathable than synthetic gloves.

Bionic rose gloves great for protection and ergonomics

Bionic gloves are especially nice for those who are concerned about thorns. They are made of Cabretta leather and have additional palm padding to help protect your hands from injury.  In case you were wondering, a Cabretta leather is made from the skins of sheep that grow hair rather than wool. The leather is tougher than other sheepskins and used primarily to make gloves or shoes.

On this note, as many women do, I have trouble with pain in my thumb area from working with power tools, scissors and pruners. Recently, I had to have extensive therapy to allow me to even use my hands when working. The doctor, whose wife was an ex-florist who had injured her thumb from years of using pruners, used bionic gloves and found incredible relief from pain and from continued injury. These gloves are designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and have motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers to promote natural, unrestricted hand movement. For a glove that not only protects skin from cuts and thorns but also the muscles and nerves used as gardening, this is the glove to consider.

Many other rose glove options

There are boundless other rose gloves that are available that extend up your arm and protect you from thorns. Although I don’t do much with roses, I am in a constant battle with greenbrier thorns in our woods out back – and as it creeps into the yard. Before I discovered long gardening gloves, I regularly came in from a day in the woods looking like I had been attacked by a rogue and very mean cat. Although some tough greenbrier thorns still get through, the long armed gloves have saved the skins on my hands and arms from countless scratches and punctures. If you are battling thorns, then you want to look for goat skin on the gloves and the gauntlets as they seem to be the most durable. (Guess that’s why the goats aren’t bothered as they dig through the brambles!)

Lightweight long armed gloves

If you want something that is thin but will protect your arms from chemicals, then Atlas makes a great glove that is 26 inches long and nitrile coated cotton lined for around $12.00. These gloves are puncture resistant, but won’t stand up to rose or bramble thorns. They should do nicely for keeping toxic chemicals off of your skin and for light duty gardening.

Long armed gardening gloves a can’t miss in the garden

Really – you can’t have too many pairs of shoes and for sure you can’t have too many pairs of gardening gloves. As you are looking to add to your selection of tools that will make your job gardening more enjoyable, consider picking up one – or more pairs of long armed gardening gloves. There are plenty of options that are available – and I am sure you will find one – or more – that fit your needs. If you have a favorite one, let us know what it is!

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